Concealer Revealed

philosophy hope for everywhere concealer review shopping insider

philosophy hope for everywhere concealer review shopping insiderWhen we think of Philosophy products, we think of lotions that smell so decadent one could eat them, or shower gels so luxurious one could be lost in a sea of shimmery bubbles if she isn’t careful. While these are all accurate thoughts, Philosophy also hosts a small line of makeup. Among those makeup products lies the Hope for Everywhere concealer. I am a pale cool toned chica so I use 4.5. If you are of the paler persuasion, I suspect you will be just as happy as I am with this product. I frequently have a hard time finding foundations and concealers that hit the trifecta, light, cool toned, and heavily pigmented. Too often have I spent my hard earned money on makeup that promised good coverage but was little more than tinted moisturizer, never again will those in search of flawlessness have to go through this experience. As long as PhilosophyContinue reading →

Get Buzzed

arctic buzz ice cream review

arctic buzz ice cream reviewThere once was a movie called Grown Ups, a neutrally fated cinematic endeavor executed by Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan. There comes a point in the movie after the initial awkwardness between friends that haven’t seen each other in 20 years wears off, where the whole group goes to an old restaurant to have a big dinner, when the guys reminisce about their days of getting wasted in high school when one of the bolder children asks what it means to get wasted. In a quick witted act of parenting Adam Sandler swoops in and tells them that getting wasted means, “to eat so much ice cream” and from that point forward, I dreamed of the day the world would create boozy ice cream.

Lo and behold, that day has come, and it is a glorious day. If you call the DC metro area home, you can get your hands on some Artic Buzz, a company behind vodka infused ice cream. Each of the 5 flavors sits between 8.6 and 8.9 percent alcohol andContinue reading →

Precious Cargo

Cargo Cosmetics Makeup

Cargo Cosmetics Makeup ReviewIn 2016, women are freer than ever to leave the house without makeup. That doesn’t always mean we do, because sometimes we just need a little help to look just a little less dead in the morning. Let’s face it, we weren’t designed to function at optimal capacity at 6:49 am on Tuesday.

When you need a little extra spark on said Tuesday morning, or any morning for that matter, grab literally anything from Cargo Cosmetics and throw it in your purse. There’s no need to worry about colorful explosions, the brand packages all of their powdered products in (stylish) damn near indestructible tins. The company also offers unique and elusive products like water resistant blushes and bronzers. Eye shadows come parsed out in color coordinated pairs, taking up half the space in your make up bag. And just to add icing to the cupcake, theContinue reading →