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Does somebody near and dear to your heart play hockey? Is he actively trying to break his twig just so he has an excuse to try out one of the new

Limited Edition Beauty Status Hockey Sweaters
Limited Edition Beauty Status Hockey Sweaters via

Bauer Supremes? Never once called hair anything other than lettuce? Are you an awesome gift giver, constantly in search of good hockey themed gifts that aren’t cheesy, crazy expensive, or too on the nose? Yeah me too. I’ve found the perfect balance in an online store called Beauty Status Hockey Co. Bear with me I promise they don’t sell makeup, although would it really be so terrible if they did? I don’t think so. One of the reasons the e-store so wonderfully refreshing is that every item in it is puck-bunny approved. I’ve been through the whole site, over the course of a few years and there’s never anything questionable (read: nothing you wouldn’t want to be seen walking next to in public.) Each item is ready to wear featuring a creative and artistic design in colors that are universally flattering, all at reasonable prices.  A quick glance at the wares up for grabs will clue you in that the company was founded in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 rinks. Founded in early 2009, the owners decided it was time to turn their love of the game and the lifestyle that accompanies into a brand that can be worn proudly by beauties everywhere. They offer a full line of clothing and accessories including, tee’s, hoodies, sunglasses, wristies, watches, and assorted items like a

Top Cheddar, Beauty Status Hockey
“Cheddar” by Beauty Status Hockey photo credit: beauty statushky

really cool hockey puck that’s been creatively converted into a bottle opener and flags for zhuzzing up the basement. Perhaps my favorite items up for grabs are the buckets. (read: hats. There are hockey lingo cheat sheets all over the internet sister you’ll get it) The company offers hats in snap back, trucker, and baseball style so there’s something for everyone. But more importantly, the designs and construction are great. Each one features a subtly awesome logo in a rich color to class up even his oldest lucky game day t-shirt. The hats read fashion, not “I’m a walking advertisement” as hats so easily do. If you’re still new to hockey shopping fear not, Beauty Status will keep it easy for you, and in the likely event that you find everything absolutely amazing and can’t decide what to purchase there’s always the option of giving an online giftcard so he can decide himself. He’ll blow through it faster than you can go through an Ulta gift card. Check them out online here!

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