The RealReal Good Deal

Um, hi $50 Prada, is that you $40 Givenchy?…it’s me…I love you. Oh it’s real, this is not a drill. is where a stylish girl’s dreams go to flourish. Nowhere else on the internet will you find certified authentic designer goods at such amazing prices. It’s an online consignment shop for all things chic ranging from home furnishings and art to high end fashion and jewelry and everything in between including handbags and sunglasses. If you dream of Dior or Carrie Bradshaw is your spirit animal and you like to support small business and individual sellers, this is the shop for you. The site has high end exclusive vibe; you have to sign up just to browse. Stay with me now, its %100 free they won’t even ask you for credit card information until you make a purchase. Having to sign up for this particular site is kind of great because you’ll receive messages about special sales on items you’re interesting in. Imagine the $1,400 Vuitton Noé bag you’ve been Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Noé Bagcoveting for three years. You’ve researched this bag; you know that the design was conceived in 1932 by Gaston-Louis Vuitton himself for the Chef de Cave of a champagne company. You buy outfits to match it for when that day comes that you finally own this bag. You’ve scoured eBay and Amazon but you can never be sure about the condition or authenticity. It’s no small matter, if this unicorn exists anywhere on the internet you want to know about it. The bag goes on sale for $850 for 24 hours only on TheRealReal. Well, it’s a good thing you took my advice and signed up because otherwise you would never know that this %100 guaranteed authentic, like new condition gem was going for just under %50 percent off. And you would potentially have to go years longer without that bag. Everybody has that ‘thing’, the item that they almost irrationally lust after. The item that has them convinced that, ‘If I had it, everything would be better.’ That’s just the power that high fashion can occasionally have. TheRealReal gives a user unprecedented opportunity to discover new designers and acquire pieces from the ones you already love without destroying your savings account.

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